Growing up, Alayna stood out in her family. She loved makeup and skincare from a young age. Family always compares her to great-grandma Mary, who was known for always looking her best. She wore makeup during a time when it wasn’t available for people her skin color. Stories about Mary making her cosmetics using cocoa powder to achieve her polished look surrounded Alayna, inspiring her to become a cosmetic chemist and start Shereen Cosmetics. Alayna had the vision to follow Mary's footsteps to develop beauty solutions that are beautiful and simple, this time with the highest quality ingredients for all beauty lovers, regardless of skin color.


At Shereen Cosmetics we believe that decorating and caring for the skin is an expression of self-love.

Our name Shereen means “beloved, dear one.” This name is a blend of Sheen and Serene. We carefully formulate our products to bring tranquility to all, to shine with confidence!

Dive into this line of skincare and cosmetics that delight all skin types, passionately crafted to make you feel cared for and heard.

We’re here to help you understand which products are best for you, with helpful tips and selection guides that we’ll be adding as we launch new product families.